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Friday, March 13, 2009

More UTEE!! Instant Art Transfers in Memory Glass Frames! ;)

More projects from my Art Day with my bud, Sherre!! :)
I have done Instant Art Transfers with UTEE before. Suze has a tutorial on her website here: Instant Art Transferz
I decided to try a little twist. Now, I'm sure that some of you out there have already done this, but I was excited to try something new! :) :) :)
Instead of using a cookie cutter, I decided to use a Memory Glass Frame!! I was really happy with the outcome!! Voila! Instant Mother's Day gift! :) :)
I used Laser copies of some old family photos. After washing the paper off the back (NO, I did NOT get all of the white fuzzies off.......) and letting the piece dry, I painted the back with a thick layer of Iridescent White Acrylic paint.
Here is my first result. Whatta great looking coupla kids, huh??!! Get a load of our first dog!!! :)
I did decide to do a couple of pieces with some cookie cutters as well. I finished the same way with the acrylic paint on the back. I think I will get a small frame and mount these for a wall hanging.
((Remember!!! "Clear" UTEE is not inherently clear. It has an amber tone. The longer you let it cook, the more amber it will get. So, if you want a "clear" looking piece, you must pour your UTEE right after it melts!!))
Also decided that I would try a collage piece! Why not?! I just layered torn pieces of images, laid the frame over them and poured the UTEE on top. I think this has great possibilities for some very fun projects!!! :)

Comments always welcome!!! :)


  1. Very nice. I'm off to see the video. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this and the last weeks posts. Your pop-up card is great fun. You really do alot of different things and it's fun to see!

  3. Great work, we seem to be going down the same paths with the UTEE in the last little while, but my pieces don't appear as finished as yours..check out what we have been making at:

  4. Susan, your UTEE artistic endeavors are the greatest. TFS. Love, Audrey

  5. You are the UTEE wonder!! So glad I got to see these in person. Fantastic!!

  6. I love all the things you've been doing lately - the cards and the UTEE. Very fun - I'm just jealous I live so far away. I want to play with the two of you!

    Great job, as always. And the pics are wonderful!


  7. I love the Mother's Day idea. Might have to give this a shot. Mother's Day in the UK is next Sunday - Eek!

  8. I always enjoy your discoveries and happy to see your posts in the yahoo groups to remind me to take a peek..TFS..xoxoxo
    Carla H.

  9. Wow..this looks great. Very nicely done too...thanks for sharing.

  10. beautiful, as always your creationa never fail to amaze me;)

    I have a sisterhood award for you here: