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Monday, March 2, 2009

I Failed!!! What about you???

Well, no great loss, I suppose! LOL!!! :)
Train Horns

Created by Train Horns


  1. I know I would fail this test because my DD's have a ringtone on their phone called mosquito (sp?)they play to bug people. no pun intended. I can't hear it though.I guess that means its cause I'm wiser not older. heehee

  2. I could hear it for a couple of seconds then it went away even though it was still playing. I'm almost 37 so I guess I still have young-ish ears. LOL

  3. I always knew I had good ears... guess that's why I'm always telling my family to "turn that down!" (radio, tv, etc.) lol

    I'm nearly (gasp!) 40 and I could hear it plain as day.

    I know a lot of kids have the ringtones that sound like that so they can take calls in school and the teachers can't hear. Gotta get some younger teachers! :)

    That was fun- thanks, Susan!

  4. I can hear it! I'm 35. And I did notice it in shops, always thought it was the security system. In a way, it is!

    Let me tell you that it totally works. I never stay in those stores. Their loss I guess, cause I'm a shopaholic!