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Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Paint Scraping PLUS Dyed Paper Towels/Dryer Sheets AND a Cool Bonus! :)

Got to play a little today. Decided to make some more of the Paint Scraping Backgrounds on watercolor paper. This is such a fun and relaxing technique! I just love letting the colors dribble-drop and see what happens! :) I used a lot of glitter on a few of the pieces, but it doesn't show well. I suppose I should actually DO something with these............but, one step at a time, right?!

Since I read Traci Bautista's book (Collage Unleashed) while on vacation, I decided to try dying Dryer Sheets and Paper Towels. I don't have any liquid watercolors, so I just used my dye reinkers.
For this experiment, I squeezed some dye reinker into a paper cup. I diluted with water (you can dilute just slightly for more vivid colors, or dilute more for softer colors) I varied the way I crumpled up the towels. Some I just crumpled, some I twisted and folded, some I just folded, I played around a lot with that! :) Then I dipped portions of the towel into the different colors of ink. After the towels were saturated with color, I unfolded and layed them on top of the Freezer Paper to dry. I dyed the dryer sheets the same way. (although, they do not hold the liquid like the paper towels!!) I used Viva paper towels and Costco brand dryer sheets.
I may try to use some of these four a journal cover....or some Altered Book tip-ins that I'm working on. I was also thinking that some UTEE would be cool on these!
Paper Towels:
Dryer Sheets

Now the REALLY FUN stuff!!!!

Ok. I just love it when stuff like this happens! :) I placed all of my soppy wet paper towels and dryer sheets on Freezer Paper to dry. What a fun surprise when I pulled off the towels and sheets! :) These will be great background papers! :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flat Susan-World Traveler!

Back from vacation! We had an awesome time! I'm sure to post some scrapbook pages later! ;)

Latest news! Flat Travelers! One of the Yahoo groups I belong to is having a super fun swap! We all made "Flat" dolls of ourselves. We made passports for our dolls and we are sending them around the world! We have participants from Australia, Europe, South Africa, Canada and the USA! In all, our Flat Travelers will visit 18 places!
At each stop, the hostess of the stop will take the Flat Traveler to a special spot for a photo.
For all of the Flat Travelers that come to my house, I'll be taking them to the vineyard next door for a photo as well as a local winery.
Here is Flat Susan.......ready for travel. She has a bit of the Haight-Ashbury look with the flowers and tattoos. :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Off to See Mickey!

We are off for vacation! :)
Be good and crafty while I'm gone! I'll start posting again after I get back! :)
(Feb 19)

Thursday, February 1, 2007

I Love You Memory Frame

Happy February!! :) My latest game piece project is up over at the Stamper's Mall. Take a peek at my art and my babies! :)
This is the first project where I have added hand-drawn lettering/images. My handwriting stinks and I can't, needless to say, this was a big deal for me! LOL!!