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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Since I read Traci Bautista's book (Collage Unleashed) while on vacation, I decided to try dying Dryer Sheets and Paper Towels. I don't have any liquid watercolors, so I just used my dye reinkers.
For this experiment, I squeezed some dye reinker into a paper cup. I diluted with water (you can dilute just slightly for more vivid colors, or dilute more for softer colors) I varied the way I crumpled up the towels. Some I just crumpled, some I twisted and folded, some I just folded, I played around a lot with that! :) Then I dipped portions of the towel into the different colors of ink. After the towels were saturated with color, I unfolded and layed them on top of the Freezer Paper to dry. I dyed the dryer sheets the same way. (although, they do not hold the liquid like the paper towels!!) I used Viva paper towels and Costco brand dryer sheets.
I may try to use some of these four a journal cover....or some Altered Book tip-ins that I'm working on. I was also thinking that some UTEE would be cool on these!
Paper Towels:
Dryer Sheets

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  1. These are great! What paints did you use? The colors are so vibrant!