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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Skinny Book Swap!

It has been quite a looooooooooong time since I participated in a swap. This swap is a "Skinny Book" (due to the 4x7 inch pages) with a Summer Theme. Both the front and back side of the page is to be decorated.
The backgrounds on the both the front and back are acrylic paints. Some have acrylic stenciling and all have overstamping with rubber stamp images.
I decorated the fronts of my pages with a variety of images that shouted "SUMMER!" :) I added German Scrap, buttons, glitter, tops of wine capsules, White Sailor Pen doodling, shells, beads, and just about anything else I could find laying around! :)
On the backs, I glued down one summer image and then wrote out lyrics (again with the White Sailor Pen) to "summer-themed" songs. Beach Boys songs, Under the Boardwalk, Hot Time Summer in the City, School's Out for Summer, etc etc etc.
Hope my partners enjoy their pages! Eventhough I stressed over getting the pages done, I really enjoyed this swap!! :)
Fronts: (the picture on the top, far right is me and my brother at the beach in Northern California. Near a place called Sea Ranch)

Backs of the above pages:

Fronts: My Mom and Aunt as little girls on the top, far right! :)
Backs of the above pages:

Fronts: I love the women and the soggy doggy on the top, far right! :)
Backs of the above pages:

Fronts: Is that kid's face in the watermelon great, or what?!? :)
Backs of the above pages:

Fronts: There we are again! My brother and me.... top, far left! :)
Backs of the above pages:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our First Handmade Paper! :)

Ok. I purchased this FABULOUS paper-making kit at a garage sale about, oh, I dunno...... 18 months ago. Ahem.....well, yesterday my son and I needed a project to work on. We rummaged around for 2 1/2 hours trying to FIND my fabulous kit. Sheesh......... finally found it.
TODAY, my son and I needed a project to work on. Whipped out the fabulous paper-making kit. Now, some of you know how "instructionally challenged" I am. I'm a totally visual person and following written instructions is NOT my strong point. (Luckily there were pictures! :) Now we are the proud owners of 2 WHOLE PIECES OF HANDMADE PAPER! Yeee ha! (and, once you make it through the first piece, it is really easy! LOL!!!)

For this piece, we used text weight white copy paper. We added 2 drops of Baby Blue dye re-inker in the mix. (can't really see it......) Then, Kyle came up with the brilliant idea of adding Cinnamon!! I think it looks and smells wonderful!!! :)

For this piece we tore up a brown grocery bag. We added about 10 drops of Crimson re-inker and the contents of 1 tea bag. I like the look of the paper, but it isn't nearly as great smelling! :) (I think it is the brown bag as much as the tea)
Tomorrow, we may try some textured papers and maybe some with dried flowers!! :)
If you happen to have a paper-making kit around..... somewhere..... I highly recommend that you dig it out and have a go!!! :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Really COOL Stencils!! Coffee Break Design

Do you like stencils??

You may have heard the name Coffee Break Design. He (Michael Meador - the owner) makes reallly wonderful and unique stencils! I have placed several orders with him and have always been very satisfied with the stencils. The fun part is that you are also sent the negative of the stencil which you can then use for a mask! Wow!!
Double fun!
His website does not have a current list of stencils available, but I have scanned his current .pdf file here!!

His prices AND shipping are very reasonable and the stencils are super sturdy and can be used over and over and over again. You can even make them last longer by coating each side of the stencil with Microglaze (Michael sells this also!!) or even PYMII (CI Super Seal)

His designs range from fun, humorous, silly, pretty, and downright weird! :) He also has some images that would make awesome backgrounds!!
Just a happy customer!!!! Check 'em out!
Click on image to enlarge!!!! You can copy and save each image to your own computer as well so you can print out mull over your order! ;) ;)