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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Really COOL Stencils!! Coffee Break Design

Do you like stencils??

You may have heard the name Coffee Break Design. He (Michael Meador - the owner) makes reallly wonderful and unique stencils! I have placed several orders with him and have always been very satisfied with the stencils. The fun part is that you are also sent the negative of the stencil which you can then use for a mask! Wow!!
Double fun!
His website does not have a current list of stencils available, but I have scanned his current .pdf file here!!

His prices AND shipping are very reasonable and the stencils are super sturdy and can be used over and over and over again. You can even make them last longer by coating each side of the stencil with Microglaze (Michael sells this also!!) or even PYMII (CI Super Seal)

His designs range from fun, humorous, silly, pretty, and downright weird! :) He also has some images that would make awesome backgrounds!!
Just a happy customer!!!! Check 'em out!
Click on image to enlarge!!!! You can copy and save each image to your own computer as well so you can print out mull over your order! ;) ;)


  1. Hi! Can you give us his website? Thanks for the awesome info!

  2. Hey Artful Mama,

    I am so glad to see this post about Coffee Break Designs. I use their silver Flip Top Pendant frame as the little darwer on my Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine Necklace and I can't find them anywhere. (Zoltar is my biggest seller.) I e mailed Michael at an address I found on a coffee break design website, but it was dated 2004(the site) and there was no reply. I thought they might have gone out of business. Thanks so much for the info!

  3. oops! That is supposed to say 'drawer'.

  4. Loved it but trying to print was all blurred - could not see the prices or numbers once printed. Sigh. Thanks for the info though. Any hints?