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Friday, October 19, 2007

Finally Done! The Project that would not end! LOL!

I'm soooooooooo happy! :) I have finally finished the project I have been working on for weeks! You know how you think you have a great idea for a gift...... then you try and execute and nothing really works out as you planned???
I wanted to make a "Big Sister" gift for my son's First Grade teacher who is expecting a little boy in November. We are having a shower for her next week. Her daughter, Sophie, is 2 and 1/2 and very excited to meet her baby brother!
My experience has been that "big" brothers and sisters like shower gifts MORE than the new baby! LOL!! So, I decided to make a book for Sophie.
I started with 8x8 thick chipboard which I purchased on Ebay. It is very nicely cut and I was really happy with the quality. Sophie's favorite colors are pink and yellow. So, the colors of the book should be no shock to you! LOL!!
I painted the chipboard with acrylics......3 layers later, I decided that I should have primed w/ gesso first! It took about 6 coats of paint before I got the look I wanted for the base color! (live and learn........)
I stamped the background with acrylics and then glued on the background papers. I glued and sealed everything with Matte Medium as I went along.
I used punches for the circle and squares for the letters. I wasted some time my stamping every circle and square with Versamark flowers...... of course, you can't see them at all now! (sigh)
I stamped all of the letters with acrylic and used die cut letters for the big "S"'s. The S on the front of the book is a wooden one that I painted and stamped.
It is a very simple book, but the bits and pieces and detailing took me FOREVER!!!! Plus, I had to wait for the acrylic and Matte Medium to dry before I could move onto the next step.
Finally, I sealed everything with 3 light coats of
PYMII. This prevents the pages from sticking together and will protect the colors from fading!
And now, for Sophie:
"My S Book":

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And the Winner is............


You have won the 4 Halloween ATCs!! Please email me your snail mail address and I'll pop them into the mail for you by Friday!
Thank you to everyone who participated!! I enjoyed all of your wonderful comments and compliments!! You really made this last week fun and entertaining!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Halloween ATC Giveaway! :)

How many of you remember me saying "I'm never making any more ATCs!". Well, I'm pulling a James Bond -- "Never Say Never......". I just could not resist making some quickie ATCs with these great little Vintage Halloween images! :)
A quick print, a quick spray of PYMII (to prevent smearing of the images while gluing!), and some cutting, inking, and assembling. :) It felt really good to get something from brain to paper all in one sitting! Woo Hoo! :)
Now, since I don't collect ATCs, I have decided to give 4 of these away! If you like ATCs or Halloween and would like a chance to win 4 (of my choice) of these ATCs, just leave a comment with your full name and email address! (Make sure and type both your name and email in the comments section.....even if you have a Blogger account!)
I'll draw a random winner the morning on Wednesday, October 10.
Here they are! :) I purchased the background papers at a local scrapping store that went out of business.
4 of the ATCs open up with a little "scary" sentiment...... :)