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Friday, September 26, 2008

Overstamped, Double Saran Wrap, & Watercolors ** A Tutorial!!

Well, hello there!!! I must say it's been too long since I've posted....... I have been spending my free "art" time working on some 4x4 pages for a Fat Technique Book. This is the biggest swap I have EVER been a part of! I'm soooooooooooooooo excited about it!!!! The swap is with the ArtTechniques Yahoo Group.

There are (wait for it!!!.......) 120 participants for this book! WOW!!!!!! We are to make a 4x4 inch "technique" page for the book. Technique sample on the front, instructions on the back. Is that the greatest thing ever??!!!!! We will all have 120 technique samples WITH instructions! Whoopee!!!!!

I have decided to share my technique here! :)


Over-Stamped, Double Saran Wrap, and Watercolors

Supply List:
**Water Media (liquid watercolors, diluted dye inks, walnut inks, any commercial or homemade colorwashes, Moon Shadow Ink, Starburst Stains, calligraphy ink, etc)
Small spray bottles (found at Wal*Mart, Target, etc in the travel toiletries section)
**Watercolor Paper
**Saran Wrap or any plastic wrap
**Rubber stamps (or any patterned, textured surface: bubble wrap, textured wallpaper, sequin waste, etc)
**Rubber Gloves

Mix your water media of choice in a spray bottle. (for a little pizzazz, add some Perfect Pearls or other Mica Powder to your paint/ink) Shake well.
Spray a generous layer of water media over your watercolor paper. Make sure it is heavily covered.


You can use a single color:

or, try multiple colors:

Lay a large piece of plastic wrap over the paint/ink and press into the paper. Allow to dry completely.

Gently pull off the plastic wrap and lay down paint/ink side up.

Here is the plastic placed to the side of the paper:

Spray a contrasting color over the plastic wrap. (experiment with heavy spray vs. a light spray over the entire piece)

Close up of sprayed plastic wrap:

Place back on top of watercolor paper and press into the paper.

Allow to dry completely.
Pull off the plastic wrap and throw away. You CAN use your background like this if you like! :)

Here are some other samples I made for the swap prior to being overstamped:

If you would like to do the overstamping:
Spray another contrasting color or complimentary color (experiment!!) over your Rubber stamp (I used an uncut sheet of text stamps from Ma Vinci) or textured surface. Make sure you have complete coverage, but not dripping wet! Press onto your watercolor paper and allow to sit for about 30 seconds.

Close up of sheet of rubber covered with sprayed watercolor:

Pull straight up and allow your paper to completely dry.

Here are some completed samples prior to being cut into 4x4 pieces:

Here are the final 4x4 pieces:

Close ups!: