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Saturday, September 29, 2007

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming......

Ok. I have been tagged (several times) and also linked up to a "blog award" (a Nice Award! :)
I'm just not one to participate in these because I have such a limited time to create art and try and keep up with my Yahoo Groups.
So, why am I posting this at all?? Because I have guilt! LOL!! For whatever reason (past life experience?? sub-conscious chatter??) I feel guilty about a lot of things. I hold onto it forever and it eats into me...... I still feel guilty about the way I broke up with my college boyfriend! *sigh*
So, I'm freeing myself of the guilt by acknowledging all of your kind tags and award nominations!! Please don't think that I am ignoring you or being mean......!! I appreciate your thoughtfulness AND the fact that you even read my blog in the first place!!! :) :) Thank you for thinking of me...... it does mean a lot! :)
And now.......back to our regularly scheduled programming...........

Friday, September 28, 2007

An Oldie........but, thought I would post it anyway! :) Altered Glass Plates

I made these "altered" glass plates for Christmas gifts last year. They were fun and easy and a big hit!! :) I thought I would go ahead and post them here since I don't have anything new to share right now! :) :) :)
I used clear glass plates. (I bought mine at the thrift store for .79 cents) Everything is affixed to the underside of the plate. I used Royal Coat Decoupage Glue {interjection: I think Gel Medium would also work well here......} to glue the stickers and silk leaves onto the plates. (the leaves are some old "fall leaves" from a silk spray of flowers) Smooth out w/ foam brush or your fingers. (Remember when you use the stickers, you have to put on the plate picture side down/sticky side UP.......can get tricky to place, but the sticky-ness is overcome very easily by 1 swipe of glue.) You can reposition your leaves, stickers, paper, etc for a short while until the glue starts to set up.
**Side Note: I think coating your stickers, leaves, or any images with
PYMII would be a great way to prevent smearing and/or fading of your images/objects!! You would also be able to use inkjet images if coated with PYMII!!**

For the "Abstract Plate", I used a combination of dye inks and the glue. Smeared it around. I would recommend alcohol inks if you have them. The glue/ink combination can remain sticky even after dry. I did seal w/ 2 coats of glue and then 2 coats of polyurethane. Seemed to help tremendously w/ the sticky-ness, however the glue/ink is still "soft".

For the sticker/leaf plate. I painted over the dried glue w/ acrylic paints. I used a combination of metallic and non metallic colors and used 2-3 layers. Depending on the brush you use, you will have some "thin" areas. The 2nd coat of paint will show thru these areas. You can also leave blank areas on purpose to get a more bold color combination.

After everything dried, I used 2 more coats of the decoupage glue (Mod Podge or Gel Medium should work fine here, too) and then 2 layers of polyurethane. (do this OUTSIDE!!)

To be sure, leave the plate to cure for 2-4 days. (to make sure everything is dry and set) You may now very carefully wash the plate in warm soapy water and YES you can use the plate to serve cookies or candy or other tidbits! :)

Another idea I had (but have not executed yet......) A memory plate!! One using paper ephemera, small 3D objects, and photos from a vacation or special occasion!! FUN!!!!

Stickers and acrylic paints:

Silk leaves and acrylic paints
"Abstract": Elmer's glue and dye inks: (In the future I think I would try Gel Medium and/or Decoupage Glue for this. Alcohol inks direct to glass would also be a cool effect!)

Friday, September 21, 2007

"Dots" Altered Book Challenge

As with many of my art projects, this started as something much different! :) I was hoping to make an altered book as a baby started off OK, but as soon as I added paint to the first page I got a ton of page buckling................sigh............ (I have since ordered a cool blank chipboard book to alter instead.)
I decided to turn this book into my "Experimental Altered Book". On the new Yahoo group: The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts, there is a Monthly Altered Book Challenge. The October Challenge is "Dots".
So, here you have it folks, my "take" on the Dots Theme:
* I base painted the pages with thinned Yellow Acrylic paint.
* I blotted some blue acrylic paint over the yellow with a paper towel.
* I added some homemade colorwash sprays (rubbing alcohol and StazOn Ink reinkers) in red, orange and yellow.
* I added some drops of Ultramarine Blue StazOn ink directly from the reinker bottle.
* I closed the book and smooshed the pages together and quickly reopened. I blotted the blue StazOn puddles with kleenex. Well, the kleenex stuck to the ink! LOL!!! Not to worry........acrylic wash to the rescue!!
* I went over the pages again with a thinned yellow acrylic paint wash to blend the kleenex into the page! :)
* I added a few more paper towel blots of red acrylic paint.
* I used some different sized punchinella to stencil on some dark and light blue acrylic paints.
* I glued on the images, added the wording with a label maker and finally added some White Sailor Pen dots!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mini File Folder - *Tri-Fold* and *Triptych* Cards!

Love the look of those fabulous Triptych and Tri-Fold cards?? Here is a quick and simple way to make a one using mini file folders! Woo-Hoo! :) :)
First, get yourself over to: Outside the Margins. Aileen has these great mini file folders to use for this tutorial! She has superb customer service and fabby supplies!

1) Take 2 white mini file folders and open. Arrange the folders so the short tabs are facing each other at the top.

2) Slide the left folder over the right and glue into place with your favorite paper glue. Allow to dry.

3) Voila! Instant tri-fold or Triptych card to decorate! :) [ok, technically, a Triptych's outer panels are smaller than the center panel. All you have to do is trim your side panels with your nifty paper cutter and you're ready to go!!]

Here is a trifold card I made using the above tutorial:

I brayed on ink all over the front and back of the card and allow it to dry. (I used an Autumn Leaves Kaleidacolor Stamp Pad) I stamped the images with several colors of Distress Inks. The main image on the outer front part of the card is stamped in Brilliance Black ink.
The main image on the inside of the card (center panel) is a cool image from Twisted Papers printed on a transparency. I painted the back of the transparency with metallic bronze acrylic paint. I glued the image to the card and then added the key and lock brads. The photo of the inside of the card is a little funky because it was difficult to photograph the transparency without getting a lot of glare.
Closed Card:

Opened Card:

Now, just think of all of the possibilities!! You can make windows, doors, secret niches, use 3D objects, make a shrine, attach more folders for an accordian card, etc. etc. Hours and hours of fun for the whole family!!! :) :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Framed one of my Abstract Pieces

I actually framed one of my Abstract Crackle pieces. I like how it looks and I may enter it in our local non-juried art fair. I have until Oct 1 to decide. The frame is 12 x 16 inches. I "doctored" the mat with a little rust and blue mica powder to bring out the colors in the painting.

If I decide to enter the piece in the fair, I have to price it. Hmmmmmm....... that's a new thing for me. I can put together the subjective part of the price, (materials, time, etc......) it's the objective pricing that I'm having a hard time with. Does anyone out there have any guidelines that you can recommend??

Thanks in advance! :)

"Harvest in Blue"

Monday, September 3, 2007

Crackle Paste/Acrylic Experiments

I made 3 backgrounds on masonite today. I used some of my "oh, what a bargain!" crackle paste that I found on Ebay. It is intended for indoor decoration, but I gave it a go w/ acrylics anyway! LOL! :)

Here they are..........
After the crackle paste dried, I layered several different acrylic washes over the boards. After the layers dried, I tried to highlight the peaks with contrasting colors. I splattered one with yellow at the end. My son says it looks like "space"......... :)

The crackle from the particular paste is pretty subtle. I guess I'm gonna have to break down and buy some Golden Crackle Paste. I can't believe that NONE of the local art stores around here carry it! What is up with that?!?

As usual, I have no idea what I'm going to do with them now.............sigh............ maybe I'll just frame one and call him "Art"! :)