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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mini File Folder - *Tri-Fold* and *Triptych* Cards!

Love the look of those fabulous Triptych and Tri-Fold cards?? Here is a quick and simple way to make a one using mini file folders! Woo-Hoo! :) :)
First, get yourself over to: Outside the Margins. Aileen has these great mini file folders to use for this tutorial! She has superb customer service and fabby supplies!

1) Take 2 white mini file folders and open. Arrange the folders so the short tabs are facing each other at the top.

2) Slide the left folder over the right and glue into place with your favorite paper glue. Allow to dry.

3) Voila! Instant tri-fold or Triptych card to decorate! :) [ok, technically, a Triptych's outer panels are smaller than the center panel. All you have to do is trim your side panels with your nifty paper cutter and you're ready to go!!]

Here is a trifold card I made using the above tutorial:

I brayed on ink all over the front and back of the card and allow it to dry. (I used an Autumn Leaves Kaleidacolor Stamp Pad) I stamped the images with several colors of Distress Inks. The main image on the outer front part of the card is stamped in Brilliance Black ink.
The main image on the inside of the card (center panel) is a cool image from Twisted Papers printed on a transparency. I painted the back of the transparency with metallic bronze acrylic paint. I glued the image to the card and then added the key and lock brads. The photo of the inside of the card is a little funky because it was difficult to photograph the transparency without getting a lot of glare.
Closed Card:

Opened Card:

Now, just think of all of the possibilities!! You can make windows, doors, secret niches, use 3D objects, make a shrine, attach more folders for an accordian card, etc. etc. Hours and hours of fun for the whole family!!! :) :)


  1. Fantastic project and great instructions. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing. Another month or so and it will be time for me to start creating holiday cards. I can't wait to make some of these tri-fold cards.

  3. Nice tutorial. Easy to follow. I'm off to make a few of these! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great it...yepper gonna have to give it a try...

  5. Susan talk about clever and creative you did an awesome job!!!! LOVE IT!

  6. Great card. Love the colours. Thanks for the instructions.

  7. What a simple & brilliant idea. Thanks Susan!

  8. What a great idea. It's so easy. Thanks for the detailed explanation.

  9. Great idea, great idea, great referral, great tutorial. In a word: GREAT!

  10. Your art is fantastic and you have a wonderful sense of color.

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