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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas is in the Air!

My very first Craft Faire! :) It was a very small little faire at our local Curves. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from being there. It was a wonderful opportunity to participate in a faire without all of the high pressure of making sales. Here is my little set up. The ornaments did well and I got several compliments on my other art. :)
These are clear glass ornaments that I decorated inside with Mica Powders and Lumiere paints. I attended a demo offered by Jaquard and this was one of the projects we did. Very fun and serendipitous. Love the effect!! :)
There are several ways to "attack the glass" :) Try with clear and frosted glass ornaments! Look for ornaments with unique and/or unusual shapes.

1) Dribble Alcohol Ink Blending solution into the ornament and then dump in some mica powder (PearlEx, Perfect Pearls, or any Mica Powder.....) and shake around. (Shake quite vigorously, but be careful not to "squeeze too hard"!!)

2) Spray Acrylic Fixative or Spray Glue into the ornament (outside, please!!!) and then dump in the powder and shake around.
Tip for dumping powder into ornaments: USE A TRIANGULAR PALATTE KNIFE!

3) Dribble paint into the glass and shake or swirl around. Allow excess to pour out. Observation, if you get too much paint (too thick a layer) you risk cracking/sloughing when fully dry. Keep your paint layer thin and fill in gaps or thin spots with power. (it makes a very nice combination!)

4) Dribble alcohol ink into the ornament and add powder and shake.

If you have holes or gaps that are not covered, you can try any of the above techniques in combination to fill the ornament. Don't be afraid to toss some fine glitter into the mix for some extra sparkle!! :)

Someone suggested shredding mylar and stuffing it into the ornament as a quick and kid-friendly way to decorate them!!! :)

As always......experiment and HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Here is a close up of some laminate tag sample collages I made. Intended to hang on a tree or display on a mantle. The 2 kid images are from Lisa's Altered Art. Aren't they a hoot?? :)