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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Framed one of my Abstract Pieces

I actually framed one of my Abstract Crackle pieces. I like how it looks and I may enter it in our local non-juried art fair. I have until Oct 1 to decide. The frame is 12 x 16 inches. I "doctored" the mat with a little rust and blue mica powder to bring out the colors in the painting.

If I decide to enter the piece in the fair, I have to price it. Hmmmmmm....... that's a new thing for me. I can put together the subjective part of the price, (materials, time, etc......) it's the objective pricing that I'm having a hard time with. Does anyone out there have any guidelines that you can recommend??

Thanks in advance! :)

"Harvest in Blue"


  1. this is absolutly stunning Susan, I'd be finding a place on my wall in my own house for it!

  2. It's beautiful! By all means enter it in the art fair. What do you have to lose, so take a chance! as for price, I hacven't a clue- I am hopeless at pricing my own art.

  3. Gorgeous, any way you could write "priceless"?

  4. What a beautiful piece. I love the color combo and the choice of frame. Best of luck in the art fair.

  5. Oh I love this one! It's fantabulous! Marva

  6. Just a few helpful hints from a 20 year picture framer and selling artist:

    1. If you are going to use the mat, consider putting the glass back on..over time the mat will pop away from the painting and seeing as this is acrylic paint it is ok to do that.

    2. Love the frame...but if you want to make your piece really POP...get a bigger frame and a larger least 3 inches of mat.

    This is a beautiful piece...pricing is personal....but here is a formula...
    Cost of supplies and then double that. (figure out how long it took and then give yourself an hourly)
    wage! This is one of the most difficult things to do...honoring who you are...what you do... Even after 10 years I still have trouble!!
    GOOD LUCK AT THE FAIR!!! WIN A RIBBON!! and SELL that piece (unless you want to hang it in your home, which means PRICE it HIGH and if it sells well even better for you..get out the paint and make some more!!)