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Friday, April 2, 2010

Early Teacher Gift - Metalized Coffee Plaque

I've had this idea swirling around in my head for quite a while.  My son's 3rd Grade teacher is quite the Starbuck's Maven.  I envisioned a coffee cup and coffee terms on a plaque for her wall.  I  hope she likes it! :)

I used the Ten Seconds Studio Dark Chocolate metal for my piece.  The coffee cup image is actually a cut file that this INCREDIBLY talented man created.  You can see oodles of fabulous images designed by this man on his blog here:   Thanks, Paulo!!!  :)
I printed out his image and then traced onto tracing paper.  Then I taped the tracing paper to the back of the metal and used my refining tool to outline the image onto the metal.  I then "freehanded" the lines and sayings on the front of the metal.  Therefore the coffee cup image is embossed on the front and the lines and sayings are debossed.  :) :)  I then sanded the entire piece, wiped clean and adhered to a Big Lots Plaque I bought for $1.25!! :)  (It had this awful image of an apricot on it.... it just peeled right off! :)  I glued a piece of wallpaper to the back and then added the eyes for the hanging wire.
As a final touch, I sealed the entire piece with Preserve Your Memories II.  Because the piece is uncovered and may be touched, (who doesn't want to touch metal and feel the "ins and outs"?? :) I wanted to make sure that the piece is protected.  PYMII is a fantastic product for protecting and sealing ALL sorts of projects.  Paper, metal, clay, waterbased inks and paints, pencil and graphite.... the whole enchilada!!  LOVE IT!! :) 

Mrs. Brown Plaque Front

Mrs Brown Plaque back:
Hope you like it, Mrs. Brown!! :) :)  Happy EARLY end of the year!


  1. Oh WOWZERS!!!!! That's GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. That's lovely Susan, great job! :)

  3. WONDERFUL!!!!!
    You did a lot of work.
    I am sure they will be over the moon with this.
    What a great paerent.

  4. Wow, you have an amazing talent with that metal, girl. His teacher is going to flip when she see's this. Fantastic piece of art, my dear.

  5. Susan,
    OMG...What an awesome art piece you have created!
    Love it! Congratulations!
    Oh way...not me BUT YOU are the talented artist.
    Thx many thx for sharing your beautiful creations.

  6. I arrived at your blog from the link on TenSeconds blog this morning. Love what you have done with metal in the past 3 posts -- but the fish is absolutely amazing.