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Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Metal and THANKS, CHERYL!! :)

Well!  I'm very excited to have a shout out from Cheryl Darrow over at Ten Seconds Studio's Blog!  Thanks!!!!  Kyle and I are loving our metal and playing with it!!  (Kyle has his own paper stump and burnishing block) Here are a couple of pieces that my son, Kyle, has done.  (and, for the record, he is 9 :) :)
Here, Kyle used decorative wheels to emboss a "cover" for his DSi gaming system.  No one will mistake Kyle's game for their own! :)

This sign will be hung on Kyle's bedroom door.  Very important, girls, that you have a ticket to enter......  I'll have to find out if Mom's get a waiver.

Here is Kyle and his latest creation.  A Super Mario characature for his wall.  (we may frame and put in the living room! :)


Here are 2 pieces that I recently finished.  I just love this saying!!  LOL!!!  For any of you out there with teenage children, you know what this is all about!!  This will hang on my daughter's bathroom door! :)

And, here is a Monogram.  I'm not too crazy about how it turned out, but I finished it off anyway.  I like the color combo......just not too crazy about the entire piece.  But, what the hey......... I can always "enhance" it later!! :) :) :)

Off to sort through my new birthday toys that came in the last couple of days!!!!!  Hasta la pasta!


  1. kyle is as creative as his mom, great signs.
    thank you for sharing.

  2. Great metal pieces!! Cheryl D is awesome.