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Monday, February 11, 2008

Awesome Art Day!! Workshop with Ann Baldwin

Well, what a GREAT art day!!! On Saturday, 6 of us joined Ann Baldwin at her home studio for an all day workshop. It was a Layered Collage Workshop. "Layering, glazing, collaging, painting" :) I cannot recommend Ann enough as an instructor!! --- She is: Patient, Easy-Going, Lively, Gracious, Funny, Well Organized, Relaxed, Self-Confident, etc. etc! :) Did I mention that we LEARNED a lot, too??? :)
We watched some demos, did some exercises (magazine collage and glazing) and then we were given the "freedom" to work through a final exercise of a painted collage. Ann was very helpful with guidance and feedback.
I really had a wonderful time!!
Here are some pics of our class and my final class exercise:
Left to right: Roberta, Sally, Jackie, Janene, Ann, Sherre, me!

Obviously entranced ..... (I had about 3 minutes to finish my final exercise when this shot was you see any panic???.....LOL!!!!!)
My final exercise. I'll give you a little self-critique if you make it to the end of this post! :)

Some close ups so you can see the different layers and textures. I REALLY LOVE the look of the glazing and layering!!!!!! Not to mention all of the textures (both visual and physical) that can be made a part of this type of work!! :)

Ok, now if you have made it this far..... I'll tell you what I think about my piece. The more I look at it , the more it disturbs me. I love the colors and I love the textures...... I really dislike the composition. Ann did make a comment that I "broke the composition rules".....but, she LIKED that about my piece! Part of me knows that I do like more "middle of the road" art and that this particular piece was really a huge step outside of my comfort zone. That is a REALLY GOOD THING!! But the piece makes me feel ....... like I have to move around it a lot. I cannot just stand in one place and look at it..... the 2 strong images opposite from each other give me too much to look at at the same time. Does that make sense....??? There is no "easy flow" from one side to another..... you have to look 2 places at once....that bugs me.
So, what to do?? I'm going to try to do 2 things..... 1. Leave this piece alone. 2. Try to "re-do" this piece with similar images and a different composition.
We'll see what happens....... stay tuned!! :)
Toodles for now!


  1. We sure did have fun! I will be awaiting your new piece using the same images. It will be fun to compare the two!

  2. Can I be just tell you how envious of you and the girls I am!!! I dream of collaging, layering etc. as you have done here, but just don't know how to achieve it, where to start etc.
    SO don't be too harsh on yourself you have done wonders with this piece - and hey your self critique will help you to move on the next time (I personally love what I see)
    Thanks so much for sharing...

  3. I love the colors and the texture as well as the images you used. The two separated images don't disturb me. However, I'd love to see them joined up somehow. I'm looking forward to seeing a new version. We are all so envious of your having attended Ann's workshop.

  4. I love the colouring and layering of this piece of work. As for the bits you don't like so much it is always good to learn what you don't like as much as learning what you do. I bet it was a fabulous weekend.

  5. I nominate you for the "You Cheer Me Up Award"
    You can see it here :

  6. Wow Susan, i love this, I love the way it become, so leave this piece and make another one. :-)
    The color is stunning, what kind of color is it? Acryl?
    Love it, and thank you for sharing.

  7. ohhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh how very cool! and now I have a face with the nice to meet you Ms Susan! hugs,