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Friday, February 1, 2008

2x2 inch Collage Challenge!!

I participated in a 2x2 inch canvas collage challenge. Let me tell you, 2x2 is SMALL!!!!!! LOL. I was rather intimidated by that tiny little white space! I stared for quite some time before getting started.......... then a few smears of watercolor and I was off!!!!!!!
I really went layer crazy with little canvas. Started with magenta watercolor and smeared it over the canvas, added some blue and green metallic acrylic paints, (diluted with Matte Medium) Let dry. Dabbed and smooshed some Distress Crackle Paints over it. Let dry. Smeared on some Ranger Crackle Medium. Let dry. Added more crackle paints mixed with acrylic paints (greens, coppers, and blues). Let dry.
Printed out woman image from
Twisted Paper on my ink jet printer. Colorized with chalks. Tore out image. Sprayed with a generous layer of PYMII to protect the image and hold the chalk. Edged in copper acrylic paint. Let dry.
Glued image onto canvas with Matte Medium. After dry stamped Library Card image over the canvas (Ma Vinci Reliquary) with Sepia Archival Ink.
I glued the image onto the canvas as well as the copper German Scrap with Matte Medium. After that dried, I smeared more Ranger Crackle medium over most of canvas. Concentrated most coverage over the woman image. Waited overnight for that to dry completely.
Randomly stamped another Ma Vinci image (small text from the new "Fractured" plate) around the sides and up onto the front of the canvas with Ultramarine StazOn Ink. One more light coat of Matte Medium......and.........
A couple of close-ups so you can see the texture and color........


  1. It's the waiting that drives me nuts!! This is a gorgeous piece of art - I really can't believe it's only 2x2 *shudders*. I've only just got my head round 4x4s!!

  2. You did an awesome job--I'm still staring at my 2x2--

  3. Love It!! I need to get busy on mine too...that dinky size is intimidating!

  4. LOVE this, absolutely! The colors and textures are so yummy. Thanks for the step-by-step insight into your process; I always enjoy reading these descriptions.

  5. That's lovely - beautiful art in minature

  6. Now that is a work of art. 2x2...amazing.

  7. This is gorgeous!

  8. OMG, I just can't imagine doing all that on one small piece, and then it becomes ART! Way to go GF

  9. Beautiful! I have some small canvases and want to try collage- inspiring!!!!!

  10. Your 2x2 collage is amazing. One question: I have never used matte medium, I did a collage on canvas, fabric, dryer sheet, yarn, glitter paint, paper. Does it need to be sealed with a matte medium?

  11. rouroutte from FranceFebruary 3, 2008 at 12:26 PM

    that's wonderful !!!!

  12. This is the 2"x2"?! That is just gorgeous! Marva

  13. wow Susan. That is so gogeous. The depth it shows is awesome. Hugz, Scary

  14. I was avidly reading your details of how you created this 2x2 and then my jaw dropped when I saw your wonderful finished piece. AMazing!!!!

  15. Beautiful ... great work and incredible detail for such a tiny piece!

  16. I went to Dick Blicks today looking for the crackle medium. None to be found. I've seen some on another blog for the Ranger but it's all colored paint. I know how to make my own but it's using a thined down glue and not really long lasting for acrylic. Others are latex based I think. So now I"m off to do more research on the crackle mediumj to make this look. I absolutely love, love, love it. Such an inspiration. If you read this and have a more information on the product, please let us know.

  17. Thank you very much for all of the lovely comments!! :)
    For those of you looking for the Crackle Medium...... it would help if I called it by its correct name:
    Ranger Crackle Accents. You can purchase it online many, many places.
    Here is the detailed info from Ranger:
    Sorry for the mis-wording!
    Happy Cracking! :) LOL
    Susan C
    The Artful Mama

  18. This is absolutely beautiful. Lots of work for such a small piece. I love the color, texture and composition. I love it all.
    Thanks for the tutorials. I want to try this.

  19. It's delicious! Part of the charm is the size...just awesome. I want to touch it!

  20. This is lovely!!!! I love the colors.

    Dianne K.