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Friday, May 25, 2007

More UTEE and Sea Glass--Mama-Style! :)

Okay......Suze Weinberg posted a challenge on her Yahoo Group to "do something a little different" with Sea Glass and UTEE.

Here is Sea Glass ala Artful Mama:

1) Pick smaller pieces of glass (varied colors, shapes, and finishes) that will fit inside a silicone ice cube tray. (shape of your choice. I have no choice...... I have square! :)

2) Paint the flat side of the glass with metallic acrylic paint. (one color or a combination of colors) I used some Adriondack Acrylics and some Golden Interference and Irridescent Acrylics.

3) Pick some miscellaneous "doo-dads" to put under your glass or glue on top of your glass. Some of the items I used: Beads, findings, charms, punchinella, Angelina Film, and Beadazzles.
4) With Brilliance Ink, stamp a design on the UN-PAINTED side of the Sea Glass. This can be a distinguishable design or just an abstract element.

5) Using super glue, attach whatever "doo-dads" you desire on top of some of your pieces of glass.

6) Layer your creations into the different sections of your ice cube tray.* (Make sure you put your sea glass in paint side down.)

7) Melt clear UTEE in your Melting Pot with a little dash of flex. Once it is completely melted and the flex is gently mixed in, pour SLOWLY over each cube compartment.
8) Allow to harden. If you have some bubbles, you can use your heat gun to gently remove. Or you can leave them for a more interesting design.

* Here are a few "recipes" that I used layered from bottom to top:
a- punchinella, Angelina film, sea glass.
b- Beadazzles, sea glass with charm.
c- Beadazzles, Punchinella, sea glass.
d- Findings, seaglass.
The possibilities are endless!!!

Here are my results! I think they would be really cool in the middle of a small diorama frame with a white or light metallic backing....... Another use-- to fill a niche in an altered book. Maybe a unique pin! Yah! :)

and a close up!:

Here are a few held up off of the paper so you can see the light come through........

Thanks for the challenge, Suze! This was fun! :)
Okay, now don't lie, don't you expect to find a beetle or some other insect inside one of these?? LOLOLOLOLOL!!


  1. Cool as usual Susan! It looks like a cross between, resin, fused glass and even it!!

  2. These are too cool I love both ways acutually, I want some glass WHA WHA..
    What an inspiration you are..

  3. Wowowow ! It's fantastic !! I'm fan of the melting pot too !!

  4. O wow! Those look so awesome!

  5. WOW! These really Float My Boat! Looks like it's time to get out the melting pot!

  6. OMG Susan these are amazing I will never look at UTEE in the same way ever again

  7. You just never fail to take techniques a little further!! It's both a trip backwards in time with the resin and a true updated version using all the kewl materials we have stashed! I like your suggestions for using them once we have them made. You will have to post a finished project using them. Now, to stash a few more glass pieces to play with!

  8. Yes, it does look like there should be a bug inside it. It reminds me of one of my favorite books....A Dragonfly in Amber. WOW! Just incredible. This is the first thing I have seen lately that could drag me away from my paper. Hope to find UTEE Flex at a local store. I can't wait for it to come in the mail!!!
    Judi Foster (Jane's Lab and others)

  9. wow......... this is amazing!!!!! gonna have to try this now!
    love the glass, too.

  10. hiya - you do amazing work. been trying to email you - could you drop me an email please? thanks

  11. Just found your blog thru " collages with claudine" link - LOVE IT. Thanks for the instructions. Now to try some new techniques

  12. WOW, Susan...I LOVE this UTEE glass idea! Yours are absolutely beautiful! I already have a project in mind where I can use these, so I'm definitely going to have to give a try. Thanks so much for sharing this technique!

  13. those would make great charms!

  14. WONDERFUL! I will now have to join Suze's Yahoo grp. I'm looking for bugs now : 0

  15. i feel very much like a newbie! I paint and draw and sculpt, but all this melting stuff and utee and sea glass is new to me.
    Could you tell me more about the melting pot, the utee, and the sea glass and where you get them?
    I see the endless possibilities of this project!

  16. I just "discovered" UTEE last year and love the stuff! I will admit, I thought for sure you would have a beetle in one of them...thanks for disappointing me, lol! Gina