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Friday, May 11, 2007

String Challenge!!

I have been so busy playing with leaves, that I decided to take a little diversion and join a challenge posted on one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to.
"Make some art using string!"
Well, since I LOVE making backgrounds and have been quite smitten with watercolors and spray bottles is what I came up with! :)
I started with a piece of watercolor paper and folded it in half. I cut up bits of nylon string and laid the bits over 1/2 of the page. I then took some other pieces of the string and seperated the individual strands. I laid the strands randomly over the other pieces of string.

I then sprayed watercolors over the string. (I just mixed up tube watercolors with water in a spray bottle) I made sure the string and paper were very saturated.

I then folded the watercolor paper in half and weighed the paper down. (you like my very specialized "watercolor paper monoprinter"??) By folding the paper over, I'm hoping to get a negative image on the other 1/2 of the paper. (A negative monoprint)

Taaaaaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Hey!! It actually did what I was hoping for!! How crazy is THAT?!? LOL!!! So, I see the left side as a background and the right side as a piece to stamp over. Pretty nifty!!!!!!!!!
Well, this was a fun challenge........I don't think I would have done this w/out the push to use string!!! I see lots of possibilities ----- using different strings, combining strings, using different colors and mediums! FUN!!


  1. WOW this is gorgeous. It turned out very well!!

  2. Very cool Susan! you are just chockful of great ideas and inspirations!! :-)

  3. that very custom - very cool!
    aren't watercolors the best :)

    thanks for sharing!!


  4. This turned out brilliantly great job.. Love it...

  5. Gorgeousness defined! I love it very much.

  6. You are one great looking at all your examples...a real inspirational blog you have here.
    you should have one of those sign up thingys for your blog. Happy creating....