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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vintage Hawaiian Collage

Well, hello there!! :) the kids out of school, back from vacation, quit my job, and I'm ready to create! :) (with the kids home all summer, however, my creative time has drastically been cut until mid August) I'm looking forward to working on a few scattered projects throughout the summer and will hopefully have a little more creative time come this Fall.

I adore Hawaii and have wanted to do a Hawaiian collage for a long time. I have been working on this off and on for several months...... I think I'm finally done! :)

I found the main image surfing the web and I just love him! I have oodles of layers of acrylic paint, a few botched gel medium transparency transfers, and a few stamps (I have a great rubber stamp of vintage Hawaiian men......a bit of it shows on the upper right corner.) Believe it or not, there is some textured text pages hidden underneath everything........
I worked on an 8x10 inch canvas board. I mounted the canvas board to a bamboo placemat that I got at the Dollar Store! :) (I removed about 12 of the sticks and retied it) I added a few seashells and some sand from my son's sandbox.
(cat free!! Dont' worry!)
This is really my first freeform collage that went WAY beyond it's original design. I would really like to become more comfy with a more "free" syle of art/collaging.

Here are a few close ups to see some of the detail. :)

I'd love feedback from you....... Let me know what you think! And, as always, feel free to ask any questions! :)

Don't forget to include your email address so I can post you back!
Toods for to cook some Mac 'n Cheese! :)


  1. Very cool Susan! Your sea glass chunks would look great on there also! I love the mat you used for the canvas!

  2. Love this - so creative. I did have to laugh as I have had my hands on those placemats a few times - thought they would be great, but for what???? Now I know! Maggi

  3. oh its awsome.. i like it! i like the wood canvas a lot!

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  5. This is very creative. I really like the texture and colors. And the mat is a cool backing.

  6. Love it Susan. Like the texture and images you used. Great job!

  7. Hi Susan!
    You did a wonderful job on your theme. I love the image and the stamp in the right hand corner.
    Where did you get the stamp? I love that you went with a more Hawaiian style and not the cheesy touristy-Hawaiian. Mahalo! Lotus

  8. I love this Hawaiian Collage. Do you remember where you found the main image? My daughter was born in Hawaii and turns 40 in Nov. I would love to use this image to make her a birthday card. Thanks, Pat