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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Metal Mosaic Experiment

I don't know about you, but I really liked the Mosaic Technique on Taco Tuesday this week. :)  Someone on the TSS Yahoo Group suggested that maybe you could put together the mosaic on top of a piece of Humungo Double Sided Tape FIRST, and then die cut the mosaic. 
 (this was presented by: Lori H aka "llhassle")
I thought this was a great idea!!  I gave it a shot!! :)  I decided not to worry about the gaps inbetween the metal pieces.  I filled them with "grout"!
I took a scrap piece of Humungo Tape about 4x4 inches.  I peeled the backing off and carefully put on top of my craft sheet.  I cut up a bunch of scrap pieces of metal and randomly put them together over the exposed sticky-side of the tape.  After I was done, I cut out 4 flower shapes with my Tim Holtz Alterations Die.  One medium flower and 3 small flowers.  After I cut out the shapes, I filled in the exposed gaps with extra fine glitter. (my grout!)  I stuck one small flower over the medium flower and placed a blingy brad in the center.  I just added the blingy brad to the other small flowers as well.
I think they turned out pretty cool!  A little funk-i-fied, but cool! :) :)  What do you think??!! 


  1. Yes, they look very cool!!!!

  2. Very interesting technique-glad it worked out for you to share with us! :-D

  3. wow, what a great idea. Love the flowers, thanks for sharing. You could add paper too couldn't you or even material so your flower could be mixed media for sure. Will try it later.

  4. I think it looks GORGEOUS! Yay, it worked!!! I think it would look great on a black background of some sort, how about die cutting the base flower out of black cardstock or chipboard, that would break it from whatever background you chose to use them on.

  5. Totally cute!! I need to try this!

  6. Luv, luv your experiment <3

  7. That's my GF, always totally kewl! Great idea

  8. just joined the TSS group on Yahoo... and man am i glad i did!! i'm having so much fun with TSS products, LOVE seein all you do with their stuff!! appreciate your time/effort in taking care of the group for us too!!