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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finished the Embossed Dog and made a Mosaic Frame

Yippie!  I actually finished off the "All Dogs Go To Heaven" project that I started with my metal embossing kit for the Cricut from Chomas Creations.  The girl I made this for is a hippie wannabe, so I made it in sort of a grungy, tie-dye style.  I hope it doesn't make her too sad.......


I also actually executed a project that I envisioned a while ago!  WooHoo!! :)  I wanted to make a mosaic frame from UTEE and metal.  I thought it would look pretty cool!  I used the Ten Seconds Studio molds for the patterns on the UTEE.  I did a freehand pattern on the metal.  I used Rock Star Black metal and black UTEE.  I cut the UTEE pieces while it was still warm.  I embossed and sanded the metal and then I cut it up into pieces.
I took a cheapo square wooden frame that I got from Michael's and covered it with the Humungo 2 sided tape from TSS.  I cut out the hole in the middle and trimmed the sides.  Then I painted the edges.  Now, I SHOULD have painted the frame first......  oh, well.
I placed all of the pieces of UTEE and metal on the frame.  After I got it to look the way I wanted, I filled in all of the spaces with microbeads. I highlighted the UTEE pieces with Perfect Pearls.   I touched up around the middle of the frame with some paint.  I put in a photo and VOILA.... my altered item project for our local fair! :) :)

Super fun and pretty darn easy!


  1. hmmm first comment didn't work, so we'll try again, shorter version this time, love the dog and the frame!

  2. Awesome, as always! I think this will cheer her up - not make her sadder. It's so sweet of you to make it for her. :)

    I love the picture frame, too. You're providing me with some great distractions from the DOOB (dreaded olive oil bottle). Fitting name, don't cha think?

    Great job - thanks for sharing!! xx