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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last Teacher Gift 3rd Grade - Lemons to Lemonade!!

Whew!  Talk about ducking under the wire!  I just found out yesterday that Miss R.'s last day is THIS FRIDAY!!  (Miss R is the student teacher in my son's 3rd grade classroom)  She is fabulous and will make an awesome teacher!!  The kids love her!  I found out that she is a licensed pilot. (Wow!)  So, Amelia Earhart was my inspiration for my final teacher gift of this year. 
I designed my layout and then went to embossing some Ten Second Studios metal (this time Brrrrrrrrrrrr Blue....  I thought it was a good "flying" color)  I traced the bird and did all of the lettering freehand.  The subtle backgrounds are 2 Sizzix texture plates that I have in my stash. :)  I really do love this quote and I think it translates well to both a teacher and a pilot! :) :)
So here is my lemon story.  When I was done embossing, refining, sanding and basically all of the time consuming work, I cut out the design to fit the plaque. 
  I could not believe it!  I was so totally OFF it was not funny!  I was close to tears!!!  It looked terrible!  "Suck it up, Susan!!"  Ok.  Regroup.  Deeeeeeeeeep breath. (where did I put that Jack Daniels??....... wait, that won't help [ok, it might have made the cut look straight after a while])  I know!!  Curvy!!  Curvy is good!.  So, enter the "curvy" left-hand side distressed with some acrylic paint.  Whew! 
Lemonade is served!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you like it Miss R!!!!!
(click on image for a closer look!)

This piece is sealed with PYMII to protect the paint from being worn or scratched off!  Great stuff!!!!!!


  1. That is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and what a treasure that will be for her!!!!!!

  2. This is absolutely Fabulous! You did such a good job on both of incredible!! They will LOVE them!!

  3. so the next time I have an oops I should call you???
    Love how you brought this together and I really like the metal work.
    Great job!!!

  4. Nice Oops! Love how it turned out!

    Barb C.