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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Teacher Gift! :) I love METAL!!

Ok.  Why can't my son have one teacher like normal kids??  Noooooo........ he has to have 2 teachers and a student teacher in his class!!  So, here is Teacher Gift number 2!!  (this is for his "Friday" teacher)  Mrs. "L." job shares and comes in on Fridays.  She is the "fun" teacher!  LOL!!!  She covers art/science/poetry/current events, etc.  She is a great gal and the kids LOVE her!  (as well as their M-Th. teacher, Mrs. Brown)  She has a thing for shoes and quotes.  So, here is the gift that I made for her.  I figured a Dr. Seuss quote would be appropriate for a 3rd grade teacher.

I used the FABBY new metal color "Peacock" from Ten Second Studios.  It is a beautiful color.  It reminds me of Hawaii and tropical flowers.  I found the flip flop image and the poem online.  I designed my layout and then embossed away! :)  I used the TSS flower mold for the background and the flip flops have a Sizzix plate design on them.  I did puff the straps of the flip flops, so I spackled the back.  Note to self:  let spackle dry BEFORE you try and adhere double sided tape.

Thanks for a great year, Mrs. L!  Hope you like it!

This piece is sealed with PYMII to protect the paint from being worn or scratched off! Great stuff!!!!!!


  1. Really great metal project, so happy you shared!

  2. Thanks for sharing both of these teacher gifts! Your work is amazing and inspiring. I just wish I had started before now--as my kids' teachers will end up with gift cards instead of something fabulous and handmade like you did! Well done!