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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Day with Tim!

Well, it has come and gone! The 2 classes I took with Tim Holtz..... what a BLAST!!!!
I know you have heard it a million times before, but the man is incredible! Both classes that I took were fantastic. A non-stop creative marathon! If you ever, ever, ever, ever get a chance to take a class with Tim, leap at the opportunity!!! He is positive, patient, funny, well-prepared, generous beyond words, and extremely approachable, helpful, and encouraging!
Here is a run down of the day:
Sherre (my art buddy and partner in crime) and I took off at 7:30am to head to class. We arrived early and got a little coffee and bagel. We were allowed to check in for class and grab our seats early. Got both got great "front row" seats! ;)
The classroom was big enough for all 50 student with room to spare. Thanks to Scrapbook Territory for holding the classes in such a wonderful space!!!!
Our first class was : Idea-ology Intrigue - A class of working with Tim's Idea-ology line of products. We completed 6 (yes, 6!!!) projects!!! We were all given complete kits for each project and we worked through all of them in the 3 hour allotment with 1 minute to spare! :)
Class supplies and set up:
Complete kits for each project.
Tim's class samples on display.
Tim displaying the project we were going to work on next:
Here are the creations that I made during this class. Aren't they all wonderful??!! I do LOVE the Memory Glass Collage piece. The Grunge Paper Flower/Ornate Plate is pretty darn skippy as well!! :) Ok, they are all great!!! :)
Birdhouse Pin made with Box Corner for roof.
(Remember, you can click on the individual pics for a close up view!)
((Sidebar comment for those of you who attended class: I could NOT get that pretty black ribbon to tie into a straight "blankity-blank" bow, so I opted for the pink bird charm! LOL!! I think it looks cute! ))
Simple, yet gorgeous Sprocket pendant.

Memory Glass Collage pendant

Grunge Paper Flower and Ornate Plate pendant.

Ornate Plate and Keyhole pendant.

Whew!!! We all needed a good leg stretch, lunch, and little "pick-me-up" break between classes:

After lunch, it was on to the next class: Generation Grunge! If you have ever wondered what you can do with Grunge Board and/or Grunge Paper, this class is for YOU! :)
Here is a terrific sample of Grunge Flowers that Tim had displayed: Aren't they beautiful?????
((**You really must click on this pic to see the detail!! Fab!!**))
Here is Tim's sample of what we were to make in class: A fantastic Grunge Board Memory Book:
Here is our class set up and project kit:
This class was VERY intense and the 4 hours FLEW by!!! We were able to get our base book done and several embellishments completed. I don't think anyone was able to finish (or even start) decorating their books. The whole point of the class, however, was to show us WHAT you can do with Grunge Board/Paper .... and we learned tons of different techniques!!!! Thanks, Tim!!!!!!!!!!
Here I am working away on my book!! Our workspaces were QUITE messy during this class! LOL!!! :)

Sherre concentrating on peeling the excess paper off of one of her pages.
We were QUITE worn out towards the end of class (in a good way! :) Scrapbook Territory had the answer.................
You want an instant "pick-me-up"?? Forget the caffeine.....go for the sugar!!

Here are my pages and embellishments that I created in class. I'm looking forward to completing my book and I'll post my final version when I do! :)

It was an absolutely unforgettable day! I just cannot recommend Tim enough as a teacher. He is fantastic.
Behind every great teacher is his support system. James Brown may have been the hardest working man in Show Biz, but I can tell you that Mario is the hardest working man in "Mixed Media"!! THANK YOU, MARIO, FOR YOUR UNWAVERING SUPPORT!!! This man was running around like crazy all day helping students, assisting Tim, and basically doing whatever needed to be done!! I'm sure Tim could not do any of his classes without Mario!

Here we are at the end of the day! Exhausted and happy beyond belief! What an awesome day!!!!!!!!

Does this guy ever take a bad photo? I don't think so. He may be the most photogenic person I've ever met!!!! :)
On a personal note: Tim mentioned in class that he designs his products with other "crafters" in mind. (I must say he does live up to that promise.....!!) I found it curious that he would refer to himself as a crafter. To me he has the heart and soul of a true artist. He's openly generous with his creativity and talent. He holds nothing back and makes it quite clear that his creations, inventions, and ideas are free for us to share with each other......... he is a true inspiration.


  1. You have me drooling! And green with envy. Your pieces are gorgeous, and your photos really do tell the story. I enjoyed reading this, and can only hope that one day I am as fortunate as you. Until then, I depend on generous people such as yourself, who have had the Tim experience and are willing to share. Thanks!

  2. What a wonderful day you had Susan!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your day with us! I could smell the inks and grunge through your words.
    Love, love, love the class projects! So glad you had fun!

  4. I am sooo jealous! But so happy for you! I agree Tim's classes are the best! I was able to take 6 classes from him when he was in Ohio last fall and I did not want it to end - it was the best creative experience that I've ever had! I am cruisin with him in October and I am very, very excited!

    BTW - do you know how he created the Grunge roses on the ornate picture frame? I am wondering what die he used?

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience through words and wonderful photos, Susan. You really gave a nice glimps into a couple of classes with Tim.
    Your projects/art pieces are really beautiful, and I can't wait to see your finished book.
    I saw a fellow student from your classes on Saturday night and she looked really tired and REALLY, really happy. Photos do not do justice to seeing the result of the magic of Tim's designs and the love and creativity a person puts into their projects in one of Tim's classes. In real life they are EVEN BETTER, if you can beleive it!
    Thanks again for posting and keep cool in this little heat wave we are having! ~Erin Glee

  6. Did he say where some of us could buy those great pieces you used in the projects?
    Evette Rice

  7. Mario is THE BEST! Glad you enjoyed your classes!

  8. Thanks for sharing...I would kill to take a class with Tim!
    I wanted to ask, is that actual newspaper you used for the album pages or was that special paper printed to look like it? Just curious....

  9. Wow, wow what a day of classes looks like such fun.

    I have taken a class with Tim and I agree wholeheartly with everything you say about him.

    I love the idea of being able to walk in and have EVERYTHING there for you to work on your project.

    No wonder he has such a following.

    The pics you took were great. thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you for such a wonderful post about your classes! I get more & more excited to meet Tim in October on the cruise.
    Can't wait to see your finished book. All of your pieces are beautiful!

  11. What fantastic pieces you created with the "King's" guidance! Like you, I cannot say enough positive things about Tim. He is truly wonderful! So many ideas and talent beyond belief! I went on the ALASKA cruise last year and had met him teice before at conventions. Hell, I proposed to him on the ship! LOL Kathy Eddy

  12. Hi!!
    Thanks for all of the great comments!!
    The Grunge Book is made with different papers. The "text print" is vintage dictionary pages that Tim provided to everyone in class. I added some of my own papers on some pages as well. (tissue paper and Hell Money)
    aka The Artful Mama

  13. Susan, if you have a moment, come visit my blog, please.
    I gave you the Kreative Blog award today!

  14. thanks for documenting a wonderful experience, Susan. I sat right across the table from Susan! Fun and tiring, too!

  15. Susan-

    Thank you so much for taking the time from your learning sessions with Tim to take photos for us. That is just so wonderful of you! Everything just looked beautiful, sounds like you had a blast!!! LOL

    Elaine Allen

  16. Loved hearing about your day and seeing all the fab pictures!! Thanks so much for letting us feel just a little like we were there!!

  17. should apply for ranger U..your work is great and your enthusiasm is even better !!
    Grerat pix, terrific projects, TFS

  18. Wow, looks like you had a fabulous time!! Everything you made was wonderful! Thanks for sharing your experience:)

  19. Many thanks for sharing these great moments! I wish, I wish.... But France is so far....

  20. Wow, I am new so if I sound dumb please forgive me. Where did you find a class by Tim Holtz? I would love to take a class like that. Your pictures really told a great story that showed the joy in learning something new.

  21. Wow lucky you I would love Tim to come to New Zealand!! You projects are amazing!
    It is so nice that you mentioned Mario I run a small business and i couldnt do it with out my right hand lady either and they deserve the thanks just as much so well done!

  22. Every word you said about the classes are so true! It was amazing! I'm a hermit artist and I teach art classes, but have always been afraid to take a class/workshop just for me. So glad that I came out of my shell for these classes. Tim has been a springboard for me to do more for myself.


  23. Thanks for sharing! and hey, that's me sitting down at a table in the 16th picture you have :-)

  24. Thankyou so much for sharing, it's been a dream of mine forever to do a Tim Class but I think New Zealand is too far away, your work is fabulous btw.

  25. Thanks for your fabulous post Susan! I can't wait to get to this Saturday's workshops with Tim, here in South Africa; even more so since reading your experience!
    I so love your grunge book! The camera is kind to Tim I think, because his soul and irrepressible spirit shines through ;o)

  26. I've happened upon your blog via Tim :-) Thanks for sharing your class experience. You are sooooo lucky! One day (I have my fingers crossed anyway) I'd love to do one of his classes.

  27. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your class with us.

  28. I found your blog through Nancy's blog (comment's in this post) and am truly impressed with Tim's class and your projects. I love everything you created and your book is beautiful. Great job and how exciting.

  29. That class looks like it was a blast. The things you made with Tim are absolutely awesome! I'm going to keep hoping that someday there will be a class that is in my area.

  30. oh that looks like the most fantastic day ever, will hope and pray he does some classes over in the uk one day,so glad you had a fantastic time and to top it all I found this from a link on Tim's blog, wow.

  31. Lucky you! I can only hope we can somehow snag t'm and get him to come north of the border and to the Island! Lots of scapper/crafters here!
    Btw..did you know that your blogname spells out 't heartful mama?..

  32. I am so jealous!! I would love to spend the day with Tim. The memory book looks awesome!!

  33. Hi Susan,
    It was very nice meeting you, at Scrapbook Territory. I was in idea-ology illusions class with you and sherrie. It was a wonderful class. Your blog is awesome, I love reading about your day Thank you for sharing.......dee

    ps: I was first in line with you Saturday morning. dark hair ponytail.....remember I wanted bag 3.

  34. I totally agree with what paperqueen said - I couldn't have said it better!

  35. Wonderfull things!
    Im sooo envious

    gittan in sweden

  36. This is an awesome blog post!!! What wonderful classes!! SO wish I lived closer (I'm in Tennessee) so I could've taken that. Lucky lady!!!

  37. hello Susan,

    seems you are a lucky girl !!
    thanks for sharing your photos and experience.
    DO wear your creations !!

    greetings from belgium

  38. LOVE your story and samples and photos of your classes with Tim!! He is the man, isn't he?! I love your blog too, thank you for sharing :)