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Monday, January 5, 2009

Cricut and "SCAL" -- My First Original Art to Cut out! WooooHoooo!!!!

I took the plunge and purchased a software called "Sure Cuts A Lot" for my new Cricut Create machine. (Check out what the software can do here!) I dilly-dallied around the holidays before giving it a go. I finally got it uploaded and did a few test cuts using a "dingbat" font (this is a font that has a shape). It was a silhouette of a pelican.....turned out great! Then I tested a stencil font and that also turned out fabulous.
Now, the REAL reason I got this "SCAL" software is to cut my own designs and (hopefully) make stencils out of family photos. You have to convert your .jpg images to an .svg image (SCAL can only read 2 types of images: .svg ( Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) a file format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics, both static and animated) and .scut (this is an image proprietary to SCAL)

No, I have not gone computer programming wonky. I have no idea how most of these images work, but I DO know how to find good tutorials for lay-people like me!!!!! :) My first attempt at producing my own art was to cut is a silhouette image of my dog. (a caricature, as it were) I hand drew an image, took a photo, edited the photo to enhance the "darkness" of the silhouette, converted it to an .svg file via a free down loadable software called Inkscape, and then cut it out with my Cricut Create using the SCAL software!!!! (whew...........) It may sound a little complicated, but trust me, it was really easy!!!!!!!!!!
Here we go................!!

First, here is my subject. Isn't he handsome???? Hard to see, but he has a quite pronounced brindle (thus the stripes and his name: Tiger) He also has a very curly tail. :)

Here is my outcome.

Original drawing on the right, Cricut cut out in vinyl on the left. I think it looks pretty darn skippy!!!!!!

I have ordered some black and white "sign" vinyl that can be used outdoors for up to 5 years. I'm planning on making a "unique" family set to put on the back of my car window! :)

Now, I'm sure that making a stencil from a photo is going to be much harder. But, I'll keep checking out tuts and shamelessly soliciting help from others that know WAAAAAY more than I do. I'll be sure to post my results when I get it figured out! :)

Comments always welcome! Leave me your email address so I can respond back!


  1. Wow! Now you've got ME thinking about doing this! I've go so much on my plate right now.......... let me know how it goes!

  2. You did a GREAT job there! I can hardly wait to see your first photo stencil.

  3. I love it! You are off to a great start. I love your photo collage too, even if it is a not CRICUT project! That took a lot of work. I have a blog with lots of converted files for SCAL, check it out.

    I've added yours to my watch list!

    Denise from boca

  4. Very cool!!! I also want to get SCAL. But I need to make time to try it. The time is coming, and your project sure makes me want it sooner. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Too cute! TFS!!! I love the idea of making a family set for your car. I have seen "family stickers" before, but never thought to make them with my Cricut...

  6. Susan
    Your blog is such a treat to visit - always wonderful, creative ideas. Looking forward to seeing your new designs with the new software program. Thank you as always. Robin