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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trying to Get 3 Pieces Into our Local Art Show

Here are 3 pieces that I'm trying to get into our local Art Show. I have to take them in to be juried on Saturday. The show is only 1 week and just for artists in our town. They are all framed 8x10 with a 5x7 opening.
I hesitated posting these because they photograph so HORRIBLY!!! If anyone out there has any tips for trying to photograph iridescent and two-tone mediums, I'd appreciate it!!
The flower piece has been shown here before unframed. It photographed well, I'm sure, because of the non-glare glass. The other 2 are covered in acrylic (extra glare) AND are very shimmery - double whammy.
They really are much prettier in person!
We'll see if any of them make it! :)
Flower prints. (Osteospurnum, to be exact) Canvas board with Color Mists and acrylic paint.
Grape leaf prints. Starburst Stains, Moon Glow Shadow Mists, and acrylic paint on watercolor paper.
Grape leaf prints. Starburst Stains, Color Mists, and Lumiere and "regular" acrylic paint.
Nice picture of me taking the picture......yes?!?? :)


  1. Susan - you always make me laugh - you're just so quirky!! I love these - taking pics isn't my forte either, so I sympathise... good luck getting 'shown' GF, you so deserve to!
    I love the osteospurnum - wow! And the last grape leaf I can see really well - fabulous. Your creations are always worth waiting to see!! xoxoxo

  2. These are just georgous! and your pics are fine lol

  3. Hi Susan! You rock, your art is gorgeous. I use NATURAL SUNLIGHT when photographing my metallic pigments art on my CLOSE UP setting on my auto digi camera. good luck.

  4. Susan, these are all great, but my favourite is the last one.

  5. Very inspiring and I'm sure they are wonderful in person. Hope you get in!!

  6. Very inspiring and I'm sure they are wonderful in person. Hope you get in!!

  7. Good luck GF, these are the best!

  8. wow Susan, love these prints and the shot of your hands is awesome, lol. You always make me smile. That grape leaf turned out awesome. Good luck at the art show. Hugz, Sacry

  9. Good LUCK!!!
    I am sure you will jury in just fine...I always over obsesss over this too..!
    for the glarry issue photographing
    take the pictures as if you are photographing is what i "try" to do for photographing glass...and glass photographs horribly too...
    the shutter is set for slow...(not that I know how this is done...) but this is what i am aiming to accomplish...
    then sometimes if you take the picture at a slight angle this will help with the glare too
    i hope i helped a little bit..

  10. Susan - those are awesome! You know I wouldn't have even noticed your reflection if you hadn't pointed it out. I think I need some caffeine! :) Marva

  11. Enjoyed your blog. Beats me how to photograph anything glarey! I have been taking photos before I apply the final finish lately, but this doesn't help with the irridescent paint....if you figure it out, let us know.