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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

11x14 Paper Collage on Stretched Canvas

She's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!!

Yes, I'm still here. It has been "Fast and Furious" lately. End of school is roaring towards us like an unmanned freight train! Whew!!
I have been able to sneak in some art here and there. I have had a couple of "play dates" with my Mom and her friend, Anita. We have had some fun acrylic paint sessions. Mom and Anita are watercolorists normally and have really been enjoying some of the "freedoms" of the acrylic medium! :)
I dabbled around with staining some papers (a la Carrie Burns Brown) and actually completed a collage piece. It is an 11x14 inch stretched canvas. Base layer of acrylic glazes and then 2 layers of the stained papers over that. Sealed with Satin Medium and Creative Imaginations Super Seal (aka PYMII). The diamond-shaped 3D embellishment is a UTEE tile that I made quite a while ago. [Yay! I used something I made!! :) :)]
I painted the wooden frame with 2 layers of acrylic paint. (custom color a la Susan) :)
If you have not seen any of Carrie Burns Brown's work, I highly recommend her DVD!!! She has a wonderful sense of color and composition.
I may enter this in the fair this year.......


  1. This is great!! Love the colors and textures. Good luck with the fair!.. Terri

  2. oh wow Susan. Love the colors and the textures. OUTSTANDING!!!!! I will definitely have to check out that video. Well done. Hugz, Scary

  3. Love this! Just discovered your blog and so grateful to you for sharing your inspirational creations and techniques!


  4. Thanks for your nice comment about Carrie's DVD. My day job is as an editor and I was lucky enough to work on that very one! Carrie is pretty amazing, and there is something ridiculously satisfying about making your own paper. I used the kind with the string running through for wrapping paper last year. I also made it into giant leaves.

    Your collage is really lovely! I can make paper...but I still don't have the design sense for collage. :)

  5. Hi Susan!
    I love ALL your artwork . . . this piece, in particular, really WOW's me!!!! What a GORGEOUS piece this is!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

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