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Monday, March 3, 2008

Michael de Meng Class - Morpheus Box Part II

My art bud, Sherre, and I went to a Michael de Meng class on Saturday. We did the Morpheus Box Class. (See info and picures of my project on the post below) It was a wonderful time!!
Michael is a very generous and gracious teacher! Very open and willing to let the students "go and do" on their own. At the same time he was completely available if anyone needed help or had any questions. He went over his painting techniques and shared recipes for some of his "signature" colors. He shared some tips and hints on embellishing our projects. He also offered a "Dremel 101 Overview" for those dremel virgins in the class.... Overall he was a great inspiration and a very fun person to be with! I would recommend any of his classes to anyone!!
Most all of the projects were texturized with caulk. I decided to use Gel Medium to texturize mine instead..... (such the renegade). My embarrassing moment came when I blurted out to the class during our critiques that I was "caulk-less". Now, I don't think most people heard that "L", there was a confused dead silence for about 2 seconds. After I clarified "C-A-U-L-K", harmony was restored. Heh heh heh.......

Class projects!! Wowzers!! They were all fabulous!!!!!

Sherre's project is on the right. It is absolutely magnificent!! The textures and colors are wonderful! Check out better pics on her blog: Sherre's Art Zone

Sherre and Michael

Me and Michael
Do you think that I could get my insurance to cover plastic surgery for a "genetically induced double chin"?????


  1. Hey, nice blog you have!!! Fun to work with you!

  2. I can see Peggy's piece there!, Wow you girls are so lucky to have done this class!
    Loved your piece, wonderful x

  3. Very cool boxes! Must have been a great class- I'm very jealous!!