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Monday, March 12, 2007

Tape LIfting Experiments

I have been intrigued by Trish Bee's Tape Lifting Technique. I was wondering if it would work with Scotch tape to make a pseudo Bargello look. I think with some work and practice on placement, it could be a neat alternative. A way to achieve a transparent Bargello look...... :)
I experimented with a detailed stamp. (This image is from Non Sequitur) I used Brilliance Black ink for these samples.
For more information on the Bargello technique:
Ink up your stamp with a generous layer of ink. Then very carefully lay the tape over the rubber. There are endless possibilities here. Combine different tapes, combine ink colors, alternate strips from 2 different images into one! Oooooh...... cool! :)

Here is the Scotch Tape piece I did. I used a Matte Finish tape for this sample. I'm sure you can acheive different looks with differnt tapes. Hmmmmm.... what about those colored and/or patterned tapes!!??
(Please note that these are very rough experiments and I did not produce any finished projects with these pieces.)

3 pieces of packing tape laid horizontally across the rubber stamp.

3 pieces of packing tape laid vertically across the rubber stamp.

Here are the pieces after a quick coloring with StazOn inks. I like the look of the different colors that appear in the spaces between the tape.

Conclusion: Why do tape transfers or tape lifting?
1.. Transparent Bargello "look".
2.. Transparent Split image.
3. Ability to get a complete image over a very textured cardstock/paper.
4. Because you can!! :)


  1. Thanks for the tutorials, I love the tape technique and the Utee one also. I'm putting your blog in my favorites. :)

  2. Fabalous idea! I must give this a go as I hadnt thought about using the thinner strips of tape for this technique :)

  3. THis is really cool! It looks good!