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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

UTEE Image Transers

(I just love this piece!! I'm going to use it on a Cowboy spread in that Altered Book that I'm going to start......someday.........soon.........Really!!)While I had my Melting Pot out, I decided to try a few UTEE image transfers. (Suze is having a pendant challenge on her Yahoo Group using this technique) In a nutshell, melt clear UTEE in your pot. Pick out a few magazine or newsprint images you like. Place a metal cookie cutter over the part of the image you want to have transered. (MAKE SURE YOU SMEAR A RELEASE AGENT ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR COOKIE CUTTER!) Pour the melted UTEE slowly into the cookie cutter. Allow to cool. Remove cookie cutter, tear paper around image. Soak in warm water for several minutes and then carefully peel paper off the back of the UTEE piece. DON'T scrub with anything, just use your fingers. When dry, I smeared a coat of Diamond Glaze mixed with Mica Powder over the back of the piece.
I also did a couple of "freeform" pieces. I just poured the UTEE directly over the piece without the cookie cutter. Then I followed the same process as above.

Here is the piece I made into a pendant for the challenge! :)
For more cool UTEE Techniques and information, see Suze Weinberg's Website:
Schmooze With Suze
Look under the "Suze Says" Header at the top!


  1. Susan- I love these pieces! The star is terrific but I really love the free form pieces. I just might have to break down and buy one of those melting pots- I have been resisting for soooo long. But then that is what the 40% off coupon is for!!
    Elizabeth W.

  2. Hiya.... AWESOME PIECES!!!
    I just love the star piece..... funny, I have my pot plugged in and was looking for images earlier to use. Glad I stopped by....forgot about using cookie cutters..... Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Love these pieces -- especially the star. It's so cool looking! What kind of releasing agent to you recommend for the cookie cutters?