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Monday, January 22, 2007

Monoprinting Technique:

This technique is very easy and creates very interesting background papers.
Start by cutting a page protector on 2 sides. The page protector will now open like a book or magazine. Pounce a well inked Ancient Page Ink. (Archival Inks , Adirondack Inks, and most quick dry dye inks will also work wonderfully for this technique!!) onto one side of the page protector. Close the protector and with your hands gently push the 2 sides together. Open and close the page protector several times. Open a final time and place 2 pieces of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper (glossy or matte) back to back into the page protector. Close the page protector so the 2 pieces of paper are completely covered by the plastic. Place on a flat surface and gently rub the entire surface of the plastic protector to transfer the ink to the paper. Peel off the protector from both pieces of paper. You now have 2 pieces of unique background paper.

Variations: Experiment with different inks: Other brands of dye ink, chalk inks, and distress inks. Use 2 colors of ink at the same time—one color on each side of the page protector.. After your Monoprint has dried, pounce another color over your pattern to create a unique look. After your Monoprint has dried, Monoprint again with a complimentary color. Crinkle the page protector into a ball and open and flatten….then proceed w/ the normal instructions.

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  1. Simple and effective. Thanks! Janie