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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Fair Projects...... Kid's Turn! :)

Hi Again!!
Here are the kid's entries for this year. 

My daughter, Rebecca,  wrote 2 poems and made one Mixed Media Drawing.  The Retainer poem was actually done for her English class.  They had to write an insult poem using some medieval language.  It was written about 2 weeks after she accidentally tossed her retainer into a Costco trash can...........never to be seen again!

(click for a larger view)

This poem was written this summer.  I really like this one.... great message!!

(click for a larger view)

This is her Mixed Media drawing.  Pencil and Felt Pen.  Slightly "Zentangle-like"


Here are Kyle's entries! 

First up, the Andean Condor!  Clothes hanger, duct tape, foil, feathers, and paint!  :)
(oh, and a plastic margarita glass for a stand)

A Wilbur drawing done in class this year... check out Charlotte in the corner! :)

No fair is complete without some Legos!!  "Freestyle under 200 Pieces".  Some sort of Jet Tank with Escape Pods (as it was explained to me)

And, the mother of all Solar System projects.  Another entry courtesy of 3rd grade curriculum!  Hey!  We know when to double dip!! :)  Yes, we included Pluto!

So, they are all tagged and ready to drop off tomorrow.  It really is great because all of the kids that enter "stuff" in the fair are guaranteed at least a 3rd Place Ribbon.  The kids look forward to seeing all of their creations displayed at the Fair!!  Lots of Kodak moments modeling in front of their entries and ribbons! :)Every kid (and adult) also gets a free entry ticket into the Fair. 

Tomorrow I'll post my last 2 entries.  One is still drying!  LOL!!!!!!!

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  1. What fun!!! I can imagine how much the kids enjoy it. Our oldest sons loves Legos... he's 16 now and doesn't build as much as he used to but I still find him in his room with legos all over his bed, lol. A couple of years ago there was a lego day at a store in Des Moines (can't think of the name right now) and he took his huge ship to it... on the way there the boys (my husband and 2 sons) decided they should name it the Wanda Warship - still not sure how I feel about that, lol. I have a couple pics on my blog from that day