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Friday, August 24, 2007

At Last!!!! Some art!! Happy Birthday, Hubster!

Quickie Update: Thank you to everyone who replied with comments and encouragement on this collage! I have made a decision to leave as is. "Whimsical" was a word used by someone ...... I like that! :)
Answer to lyrics question: Band: Styx. Song: Crystal Ball - 1976

Whew!!! Kids back in school, a few house projects under my belt, and a little time for some art! YIPPIE!!!!
Here is an altered canvas collage I made for my hubby's birthday. I hope he likes it. It is certainly not a unique idea, but the subject matter is quite unique to us! LOL!!!
**This is an 11x14 inch canvas. I used several layers of acrylic paint (thinned with Matte Medium) for most of the layers. I used paper towels to blot the paint to create the textures. I (obviously) used blues and white. I did use some Micaceous Iron Oxide in the mix to "darken" things up a bit.
**I added some stamped flourishes and birds to the canvas. (Flourishes in acrylic paint, birds in Brilliance Black Ink)
**I printed the car image and the photos with my Inkjet printer and sealed them with PYMII. (Let me tell you a bit about
Preserve Your Memories II sealer.....LOVE IT! I had NO smearing of the images when I slathered on Matte Medium, Gel Medium, and paint! Yeeha! This stuff is worth every cent!)
**I then added some song lyrics from one of my hubby's favorite bands. Who can tell me the name of the song and the band????
I hope it is masculine enough......what do you think?? Is it too "foofy"? I tried to keep it pretty clean, but I HAD to add those flourishes!! LOL!!! :)


  1. Brilliant as usual, he's going to be soooo pleased. I don't know the song and neither does '' so your gonna have to tell me.

  2. It's wonderful Susan! and hubby is sure to love it!!
    Let us know how he likes it, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi,

    love it!!!!!!!! I think the lyrics are from Talking heads road to nowhere but I may be wrong (I often am in this life, lol)


  4. Wonderful canvas Susan - I love the colors and the little touch of humor with the dog driving makes it definitely man-friendly!


  5. I love it and he will, too. My hubby enjoys the things I make for him, so keep it up as yours will appreciate how wonderful your creations are, especially when they are made just for him.

  6. Hi there, love your site! Is it Styx, Crystal Ball?

  7. Susan, its great, I would leave just as it is. as they say "less is more" and love the fact you put the dog in the front seat. great idea. I am sure he will love it.