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Monday, July 30, 2007

Crayon Batik Background Technique

The latest background technique posted on the Yahoo Group: Arttechniques is:
Crayon Batik (by Glenda Bailey) It looked quick, fun, and colorful!! :)
Here is my version!
Supplies I used:
Inexpensive Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush
Disposable Paper Cup
90lb. Watercolor Paper
Wax Paper
Text Paper
I started by randomly scribbling colors onto the Watercolor paper. Obviously, you could work with a pattern or specific color scheme...... use your imagination and have fun! :)
Crumple the paper over and over and use your muscles......even step on it! Get some good cracks goin' on here! :) Flatten out and lay onto heat protected/paint protected work surface. Cover with text paper and iron with hot/dry iron until crayon is melted.
Mix a "dollop" of acrylic paint (I used purple......the darker the color, the more dramatic the veins) and a "smidge" of water. Mix with a foam brush. Slap on a good coat of the diluted paint over the entire piece. Allow to soak in for a minute. Cover with wax paper and iron until the excess paint has "evaporated" off........
If desired (I did) you may cover with another light coat of the diluted paint and allow to air dry.

Here is what my wax paper looked like after I was done! Cool!
Here is the wax paper over text. Will be fun to play with as texture and overlays! Yeeha!
Other ideas:
Instead of Watercolor Paper use:
Mulberry paper, text weight paper, construction paper, text pages from dictionary or other books, deli paper, heavy duty paper towel, brown paper bag......
In place of diluted acrylic paint use:
diluted dye reinker, diluted watercolors, diluted calligraphy ink.....
HAVE FUN!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for this it looks very interesting and a must do.

  2. Yay! Good to see you snuck some creative time in your faux batik looks great!!

  3. Extremely cool technique. Thanks for sharing your work.

  4. This looks fantastic I am really going to try it. Thanks for sharing it with the world