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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Homemade Color Wash II - Dye Reinkers and Water

There has been a buzz about Color Washes lately. There are oodles of FABULOUS commercial washes available:
Color Mists -- Outside the Margins
Color Wash Jewels -- Stamp Zia
Tim Holtz™ Adirondack® Color Wash -- Ranger Ink
Starburst Stains -- Lindy's Stamp Gang
Radiant Rain -- LuminArte (available at Marco's Paper)
and others!!!
(I have made some Color Wash sprays using StazOn Reinkers and Rubbing Alcohol. I like the vibrant colors I got by using the StazOn inks. (See January 07 archives for recipe)
Since I have TONS of dye reinkers, I wanted to try and make some washes using dye inks and water. (also, I don't think the StazOn Washes are conducive to the Faux Batik technique which I have seen and loved!!)
I started with some cheapo spray bottles from Wal*Mart. I decided to start with 5 colors from the same ink manufacturer. (Tsukineko) You can see the colors that I used here: Tangerine, Nile Green, Wisteria, Lemon Yellow, and Cherry Pink. I filled the bottle approximately 1/2 inch up from the bottom. ( I didn't count the number of drops, but it was well over 100) I added regular tap water until the bottles were about 1/3 full.
(Picture taken after I had used the Washes)
These are samples of the sprays on White Glossy Cardstock. You can see that these particular spray bottles are not very "mist like". If you are looking for a true misty quality to your spray, I advise you to invest in some of those cute little micro bottles I have seen for sale online! :)

Here is a close-up of the "spotty" effect of these spray bottles. I kinda like it! You can compensate for the spottiness by spraying a lot of the wash on 1 spot on the paper.

Here are a few Faux Batik samples. Basic instructions: Stamp image onto White Cardstock with clear embossing ink. Heat emboss with clear powder. After cooled, spray over paper and image with Color Wash and allow to dry. Place plain white text paper over embossed image and iron with HOT-DRY iron. (the embossing powder will remelt into the text paper and pull off of the Color Wash paper)
I have not done this technique before and I think that floral, nature, and fine-lined images would be very nice. If you use bold-lined images, you will have too much white space after you pull off the embossing powder (for my taste).
These images are from Cherry Pie. I'm thinkin' Mother's Day Card for the top image!! :) The bottom image is a little difficult to distinguish. I think I will use my Stamp Positioner and over stamp. We'll see how it turns out!

Some of my most favorite floral images are from Toybox Art Stamps (big "WAH" since she decided to go out of business!!) This was done on Matte Cardstock. You can see that the colors are much more muted. The stamped image, however still has enough embossing powder "residue" to highlight the image very nicely! :) (click on the image to look at the close'll see what I mean!!)
The marvelous Mr. Freezer Paper! :) I did not emboss this paper, but WOWZERS on the vivid colors you get! We'll see if I get fading with these inks, but for now these samples are
Va-Va-Voom! :)
My incredibly scientific mind (stop laughing!) tells me that because the colors cannot diffuse through the paper (because of the plastic backing) the colors stay on "top" of the paper and therefore remain bright. Any takers on my theory?!?? :)



  1. Wonderful examples, Susan! I have about 20 of those little Wal Mart spray bottles....and I have the Ranger washes as well as two color groups from Stamp Zia. Can't wait to try some of these things. I do mine outside, though, and it's only about 48 degrees today...with snow showers! lol

  2. Another fabulous experiment,Susan ! I particularly like the samples using closely related colours (purple, red & orange, and the pink on red...)
    I have used my pearlescent calligraphy inks in the little Progeny Journals spray bottles on watercolour paper (where the colours 'fix' rapidly),but now I have to go fill 'em up again and get out the glossy !
    Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

    Louise H. (IFS)

    I love the way your experiments turned out. I'm going to have to invest in some reinkers.... In the meantime, maybe I'll try the Pinata Inks........ after I finish a commissioned piece of course!! LOL

  4. The colors are awesome on this Susan. Thanks for doing all the work so the rest of us can just play.

  5. These are absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing this with was wonderful going through your post...and i'd also like you to drop by my blog on Mother's Day Wishes sometime and check out all that i've posted there...and while you're at it do share your thoughts!!!

  6. So inspiring. I've got to try this technique. Really believe I could incorporate some color-wash style papers into my collage.

  7. Very cool Susan. Thanks for sharing the recipe too.I have got to get me some re-inkers now, lol. Hugz, ScaryCheri from arttech yahoo group

  8. I love your tutorial and samples (I am bummed about Toybox too.) I am very partial to Tsukineko inks myself (and your color choices). I have done similar projects and sometimes if things just aren't working I mute it down with a few blasts of walnut ink, which hides a multitude of ick/ mistakes!

    Have you tried sprinkling the wet background with salt? That'll add even more depth! My blog:

  9. YUMMMMM. The experiment was well worth time and effort to have so many gorgeous papers to work with now. I look forward to giving it a try on fabric! Your colors are so vivid and the combinations are a must try. Thanxxxxx for all the inspiration. Carla

  10. I'm bookmarking your blog! What wonderful ideas you have and the tuts are easy to read and I think will be easy to follow.

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Barb A

  11. I just love all your experiments, and that you share them. It always makes me want to go right into my studio & try something different for a change.

  12. Visiting from the altered pages link! I just LOvE bright colors and this will work well for me! Now I just have to find those inks! ( living out of the US, supplies are SO non existant!)

  13. Thanks for sharing this with everyone - I've been wanting to try something like this, and you've definitely saved me some wasted efforts.

    And you've been tagged! Read all the details here:

  14. Hi,
    I am really interested in experimenting with the grape leaves like you did on your blog. Could you tell me the supplies I need to get for that as well as the steps for creating something like that? Thanks!!


  15. The colors are really nice and i like the the way you are explain your opinion. That's really useful for me and the others as well. Keep sharing more about his.

  16. I love this techique, and I am always looking for others' tips. I love your tutorial, and the pics are SO helpful! Thanks so much for sharing.